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I do all my flipbook catalogs with animations and I need to update them regularly so I re-export them via IN5 and from there I transfer them from Filezilla to my host (Hostinger). My problem is that when I open the link to my catalogue either the animations don't work / or the catalogue is not update with my latest changes / or some pages are completely blank without elements. I have this problem with Chrome, usually it works on Firefox but not all the time and no problem on internet explorer ... all my software / plugin are update so I don't see where the problem would come from ...

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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It sounds like a caching issue. If you have verified that all the files on your server have been updated, try refreshing and/or deleting the cache in your browser.
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Indeed it was a problem with the cache on the browser. Nerver taught about that ... At least it's not a big issue ... Thank you very much !
I'm glad that worked for you!