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I'd like to be able to show how the Fixed Position Element and Parallax background can work with our content.

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If you deactivate your current license, you should be able to access all features in the demo mode (minus the demo limitations).  Then, after using the demo, you can re-activate your license. 

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Thanks April--that worked but it seems the fixed position and parallax features are blocked from export even with the watermarks. Is that right?

Unfortunately I have a kind of chicken-and-egg situation where I can't convince management of what's possible with In5 without showing it.

I see the features are blocked in the demo. We have an Ajar Academy course that walks through the features step-by-step: How to Create a One-Page Scrolling Website with InDesign & in5

Though you need to subscribe to Ajar Academy for the entire course, you can click on the button to "Watch Promo" for a free video overview.

Another option for you would be to purchase the Gold Plan for one month: in5 Purchase (select monthly in the drop down box). If you decide to upgrade to an annual subscription, we will be happy to pro-rate the amount you spent on the monthly plan. If you decide you don't want to use the Gold Plan within 30 days, we can refund the purchase price for you. 

Here is more information about upgrading: Can I upgrade my in5 plan? Is it pro-rated?


Thanks April, I will see if I am allowed to do this.
Hi April, another question--could I start a separate account with another email address at the Gold level then cancel that before 30 days for a refund? That would make the charges on my credit card easier to easier to explain to management.

Or I could switch my billing to my personal credit card for the upgrade and the cancellation, then switch back. I'm trying to figure out how not to have any of this on my corporate card.

Thanks again
Maurice - As this situation is unique to you, I will answer you privately. Look for a private message here on the Answer Exchange. Feel free to email us at support@ajarproductions.com for any other clarification. Thank you!