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Hello, I buy In5 for work, it is really good. however I have some problems integrating this one into wordpress with the plug-in. importing the zip file does this but as soon as I look and try to interact with my mini site it doesn't work. I have attached my zip file to you. (it's still in testing but I wanted to be sure to see why it doesn't work)

it works perfectly outside wordpress.


Edit: problem solved. it was because of rapidssl (plug-in on wordpress).

I have one last question. it is concerning the integration in wordpress how to ensure that the responsive can be active with the iframe.

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Edit: what I see when I inspect my page.

The Content Security Policy (CSP) prevents cross-site scripting attacks by blocking inline execution of scripts and style sheets.
To solve this, move all inline scripts (e.g. onclick=[JS code]) and styles into external files.

adding unsafe-inline as a source to the CSP header
adding the hash or nonce of the inline script to your CSP header.

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We haven't come across this issue in the past. Do you have multiple domains pointing to the same page? That could possibly cause the cross-site posting errors.
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I don't have more than one domain pointing to the same page. but several pages under the same domain.
I was able to upload it to my Wordpress site and run through the navigation and see the content. There is probably a configuration error or a security limit on the server itself. I would check with the person in charge of IT (or reach out to the provider).