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This question is specific to Liquid layout and Borderless Page Scroll (Vertical), both entries exist in the Page Format drop down menu and seem to be exclusive. I can get the desired liquid layout effects I am trying to achieve if I select "Liquid" from the Page Format drop down, however, I am interested in creating a long document (with alternate layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile) which also incorporate multiple page load animations. Is there a way to apply liquid layout rules to a document that is exported with Borderless Page Scroll (Vertical)?

in5 3.7.8 Gold, InDesign 2020, Mojave 10.16.6
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They're two separate page formats with two separate purposes.

Liquid Layout = 100% width, 100% height for each page (except tall pages).

Borderless Format is designed for many pages to be displayed together.

Use Desktop Scaling + Responsive Layouts instead of Liquid Layout to get a responsive, scrolling site.
Thanks Justin, I was trying to copy a site created in Drupal. I could mimic it very closely with Liquid between the 3 alternate layouts, but ultimately I need to have the long document capability with borderless page scroll. I learned a lot about fixed position elements today, so all good. Thanks again!

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You can use Liquid Layouts with other Page Formats. Here's a post with more info: 

which includes a link to this info on flexible layouts.

To use alternate layouts, set the Export Range in the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog (in5 > Export HTML5 with in5...) to Responsive Layouts. There are some requirements for Responsive Layouts:

  1. You must have a Gold plan or higher.
  2. You must have Alternate Layouts in your document.
  3. The layouts must have matching page counts (in5 switches between matching pages when you scale the browser).
  4. The layouts must have differing page dimensions (so in5 knows when to adapt the layout).
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