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I'm using the Media panel to add a video via URL. It gives the option of setting up "navigation points" which can then be the basis of a button action. But if I try to create a button to play from a navigation point I get an error with exporting with In5:

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I responded via email, but the answer might help others, so I'm adding it here. The video placed from a URL produces an error in InDesign that says, "Download failed because the URL could not be verified." I pasted the URL in a browser window and got a message that "This site can't be reached." It's likely that is the source of the exporting error.

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It turns out that not being able to add a button with an Action set to Video and the Option set to Play from Navigation Point is an InDesign bug. Justin posted it to the InDesign Uservoice site (https://indesign.uservoice.com/forums/601180-adobe-indesign-bugs/suggestions/41923588-navigation-points-not-available-to-scripting-in-in_). The InDesign team will need to make navigation points scriptable for this to work.
The status on the Uservoice site for this now says "Under review". Is that a good sign that this might be fixed in the next version of ID?
I am hopeful that it's a good sign. :)
Well I updated InDesign today and the good news is that I'm no longer getting the error message. The bad news is when I try to create a button to play from navigation point the button instead starts the video from the beginning. Progress?
No problem, thanks Myra :)
You're welcome. :)