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Hello in5 Gurus,

First of all, huge props on an incredible product. Reviving inDesign's interactive features – talk about grabing the bull by the horns!

We are using in5 for our first project, which is to digitize a cookbook. It's been a lot of work and effort spent on trying to figure out a harmonious balance of setting up our files, in5 settings, and post export HTML hacks.

However, we're having a problem that I don't know how to solve and really need your help, because our clients are breathing down our necks :)

After exporting with a responsive layout, we have problems with our header image not showing up. When I look at the inspector I see the class 'hidden' but I don't know what javascript is causing it, nor do I think removing it is a good idea, as I'm sure it's for the responsive site.

You can see an example of the site at www.connard.co/baharat_responsive

The line of code is as follows:

<img src="assets/images/item_1591.jpg" class="pageItem hidden" data-ani="flyinfromtop-1591 0.5s cubic-bezier(.2,.6,.35,1) 1" data-id="1591" id="item1591" data-hidestart="1" alt="Header" style="width: 1366px !important; animation: 0.5s cubic-bezier(0.2, 0.6, 0.35, 1) 0s 1 normal none running flyinfromtop-1591;">

If you scroll down the page a bit and then back to the top, the header appears.

PLEASE help.

Thank you,

Your fans at Connard Co
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Do you have "Hide until animated" or "Hide after animating" checked at the bottom of the Animation dialog for the header element?
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Sorry for the delay in my response and thank you for trying to help. We're familiar with this setting and no, we do not.