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I am trying to have users type into a text field, but the type is coming out very small. I tried to change it by setting a paragraph style as well as directly changing the font size, but when in5 exports to html, I still get very tiny text.
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Can you send me a sample of the output?
You can download the source test file here:

I need to be able to get the font larger in the form field box. Any advice is great appreciated.
Thanks for the file!

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Update: As of v3.6.7 of in5, the Font Size can be set in the Buttons and Forms panel within InDesign.

For now, you can apply the following code as a .css file in the Resources section of the in5 dialog:

input { font-size: inherit; }

It will override the browsers default font-size for the input and make it a more normal size.

This code will automatically by applied in the next in5 update.

I'm also working on supporting the Font Size setting that has been added to the Buttons & Forms Panel in recent updates.

Alternatively, you can give the text input a specific font size (or other properties), e.g.,

input { font-size: 16px; }

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Thanks for the response. input actually didn't work but I changed input to .pageItem and that worked
OK. That will do. :-)