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Hi, i'm creating a catalogue for a client and I would like to know if is there any way to add user and pass protection to view some pages of the app.
I have the login html code that i've used in standard web pages and i wonder if maybe i can paste it in one page and disable the swipe navigation and then order de form to open next page when log is complete. Is it possible. Any idea of how to do this?
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Another option:

I would recommend using the control panel service provided by your web host to add password protection.

You can also do it manually. Here are instructions for an linux/Apache server: http://www.addedbytes.com/blog/code/password-protect-a-directory-with-htaccess/

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I'm using Baker Framework not a web view. I mean, this is an App
If you're creating an app, then the sky is the limit...if you write custom code.

The simplest (but least robust) method would be to write a simple JavaScript prompt that asks for a password.

If you're not comfortable with this yourself, you'll want to find a web developer or an iOS developer.