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Currently the index.html file for our project is 21MB. Hosting space has already been purchased, and is located here: 2013annualreport.edtrust.org. The only way we can accept the export option is in a single HTML file. If the end-user has high speed internet connection and/or a large data plan, it displays fine. However if an end-user has a slow internet connection ( like the one in our office) and/or small data plan, the file takes several minutes to download, if at all. I have been told the only way to get this to run faster is to lower the size of the file. I have tried caching the extra files, and have seen no change. I've tried to reduce the file size of all images as much as possible, and still gave seen no change. The one file takes The only way we can accept the export option is in a single HTML file. We would like to move forward with this, but it's hard to sell my colleagues if they cannot view the url from our slow internet connection.
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Hi Sela,
What's preventing you from using one of the multi-file options?

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Upgrade to the latest version and the Lazy Load feature will be turned on by default.

Update: With a Pro license, you can now use Image Optimization as well.

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I have a similar issue, although, my final html file size is just under 5MB, which is still quite large for the file type. I had accidentally exported the same file without caching, and the html file came out less than 1 MB. Since then, I have tried to duplicate the smaller html file size with no success.

I upgraded today too, and still getting a large html. What could be adding so much to it? I have tried a dozen or more exports, each with something turned off or on with no success, except for the transitions... The Liquid gave me a html file 2.5 mb, but the images doubled in size!

Any help would be great with this, Justin. Thanks!