in5 Customer Showcase

Justin | HTML5,InDesign | Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Last month, we put out a call for submissions of apps/websites created with in5.

The showcase is now teeming with quality work that was created with InDesign and exported using in5:

Transferring Tween Eases to Flash Pro CC

Justin | Animate/Flash,extensions | Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

The Motion Editor in Flash Pro (introduced in Flash CS4) was great for making precise tweaks to complex animations, but it was a huge panel to manage.

When the Flash Pro team re-wrote the updated code for CC, they had to make some tough cuts, and one of them was the Motion Editor. So, the Motion Editor has been removed in Flash Pro CC.

For this reason, EaseCaddy is the first extension that we’ve repackaged and submitted to the new Adobe Exchange for use with the new Creative Cloud products. EaseCaddy lets you save, apply, export, and import custom eases (which make animations beautiful and believable).

The EaseCaddy download is now a zip file that contains an EaseCaddy.mxp file as well an EaseCaddy_cc.zxp file.

EaseCaddy can be installed in older versions of Flash (all the way back to Flash CS3) and used to export custom eases (both classic and newer motion tweens). EaseCaddy can also now be installed with Flash Pro CC, and used to import the custom eases.

EaseCaddy is completely free to use, unless you want to apply an ease to multiple tweens in a single click, then a Pro license is required.

Happy tweening!

in5 with InDesign CC?

Justin | HTML5,InDesign | Friday, June 28th, 2013

We’ve had a number of people writing us about whether in5 is compatible with InDesign CC.

Here’s the skinny: InDesign CC was shipped with some bugs that affect scripting and extensibility (read: in5). Myself and many other developers missed the window to report these bugs before they could be fixed during the prerelease. I’m very sorry I did not catch these bugs and report them sooner.

Most Adobe employees are starting a regular vacation next week, so any fixes will not be immediate. However, the InDesign team is looking into these bugs and I’m hopeful that there may be resolution some time in July. One of Adobe’s stated goals with the move to Creative Cloud was more frequent updates. Hopefully we will find that to be the case with these issues.

We look forward to making in5 available for InDesign CC as soon as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience!

in5 v1.5: Extensibility, SVG, and Overlays…Oh my!

Justin | extensions,HTML5,InDesign | Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Version 1.5 is one of our biggest updates so far, with a heavy focus on text rendering and extensibility. What do these two things have in common? You’ll see in the video below. in5 also now has greater support for Overlays.

You can now do more with a trial copy of in5 (details below). Interested? Try it out.

If you want more details on this update, read on.


A new Resources section makes in5 extensible by allowing the addition of custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and other assets.


You don’t have to know CSS or JavaScript to take advantage of this feature, which can also be used to add Google Analytics tracking or to dynamically embed fonts from TypeKit or Google Fonts, as shown in this video:

When you attach resources, in5 also adds metadata attributes (data-bookmarks, data-section, data-section-marker) to help you control appearance and functionality. The following video shows how the resources can be used to create a custom menu and alter the appearance of the output:

We’ve also added things like “newPage” events to the JavaScript to help your custom code respond to your in5 output.

To download the view the output from the videos above, download the source files, or see more videos, check out the in5 demos page.


There’s a new text rendering option for in5.  SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) preserves appearance and scalability, which is great for HD (retina) displays. SVG has been around for a long time and is compatible with most browsers.



We’re excited to support even more of the popular DPS Overlays–adding more interactive possibilities to your HTML5 output. in5 now supports all Overlays available in InDesign CS6, except the Panorama. In version 1.5, we’ve added support for the following Overlays:

  • Web Content Overlay (URLs and local HTML files). Automatically grabs the dependent files when an Edge Animate HTML file is detected!
  • Image Sequence Overlay. Great for controlled animations!
  • Pan and Zoom Overlay. Highly requested!

*The support for Overlays was created to work starting with CS6. The overlays generated by the Overlay Creator panel from CS5.5 may not be supported, since they relied on different code. However, if there’s an Overlay you’d really like to see supported with InDesign CS5.5, let us know.

Custom Page Ranges

When both David Blatner and Keith Gilbert tell you that your product would be better if…it behooves you to listen. So we did! Now you can choose which pages (or Alternate Layouts) you’d like to export with in5.


The export range allows you to choose All Pages, a single alternate layout (if any are present), or a Custom range. When Custom is selected, a text input appears. This field is quite smart and supports the common
InDesign print/export conventions. For alternate layouts, type the layout name followed by a colon, and then the page number(s), e.g., “iPad V:1”. If using section numbering, type the section prefix in front of the number(s), e.g., “a1”. You can also type a plus sign (+) followed by the absolute page number. This is useful when your document doesn’t start with page 1. In addition to these conventions, you can also type “last” or “end” to represent the last page in the document, e.g., “+2-end”.


Save InDesign Alternate Layouts as Separate Documents

Justin | design,extensions,HTML5,InDesign | Monday, May 13th, 2013

I was sitting in Colin Fleming‘s One Design, Multiple Devices: Adaptive Design in Digital Publishing Suite lab at Adobe MAX, when someone mentioned that it would be useful to split Alternate Layouts into individual documents when building Folios. Many of our in5 customers are working with Alternate Layouts as well, so I’ve included a script with the latest update of in5. The script is available to use at no charge for in5 and DPS users alike.


Just double-click on the script in the Scripts panel:

Save Alt Layout as Docs


The script is installed free with in5. A license is required to use the full edition of in5, but this script will work even if you don’t have an in5 license. So, head over to the in5 download page and get the latest version (which includes this script).

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