Flannel: Open Newer FLA Files

On a few occasions, I’ve had to open Flash CS5.5 files on a machine with CS5. Since the FLA format is now XML- and ZIP-based, it’s relatively easy to unzip the package, open a file, and set the version back so that the file can be opened in Flash CS5. It does, however, take time. So I decided to make this process into an easy-to-use desktop application.


Just drag and drop a Flash CS5.5 (or CS6, or CC) FLA file onto Flannel and it will make a copy and append _CS5 to the file name. That file can be opened in Flash CS5 (or later). Conversion for CS4 is a little trickier, since several new elements were added for CS5, but I’m working on it.


You can install Flannel using the badge below.

[airbadge] Flannel, http://ajarproductions.com/go/?getFlannel, 1.0.0, http://ajarproductions.com/software/flannel/images/badgeIMG.png [/airbadge]

Or you can download the file directly Flannel.air (Adobe AIR is required).

Flannel is available at no cost, but donations are welcome.

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  1. wekhter says:

    Thanks for this amazing tool! It’s always a struggle working on files between my work computer (5.5), my laptop (5) and my tablet (5) and this worked out flawlessly for me. I sent along a little donation

    1. Justin says:

      Glad it helped you, Wekhter!

      Thanks for the donation!

  2. CMS says:

    Thanks! This is good.

  3. Serena oden says:


    Is this Flannel software virus free and does not cause any malware.

  4. CodFish says:

    hey, this may be a silly question, but I’m new to this. I have downloaded AIR but when clicking the link, the program wont download, and Idk how to go about with the air badge. I have researched on the internet for hours and I cannot find any help. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Justin says:

      AIR is probably hard to find these days since Flash is no longer around.

      1. Helen W Lee says:

        AIR is absolutely still around, it´s just flashplayer fpr browsers that is not aroud. The badge to install Flannel though might not work even with AIR installed. Just download flannel.air instead and open it (after installing AIR).

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