in5 v2.2 – HD Images, Better Buttons, HPUB Packaging, Scrolling Frames Unleashed

Version 2.2 of in5 (InDesign to HTML5) is now available. This update is chalked full of fixes and new features. Here’s rundown of some of the features.

High Definition Images

There are 2 new Image Quality settings available:

  • High Definition
  • High Definition – Text Frames Only

These options allow you to export items at 144 ppi (essentially twice “normal” resolution). This is particularly useful if you’re targeting retina displays or you want your content to be crisp when zoomed in upon.

Better Buttons

in5 has supported InDesign buttons since its very early days. However, many buttons have drop shadow or glow effects applied, usually to the roll over state. When in5 queried InDesign to get the button dimensions, InDesign did not include the size of any outer glow or drop shadow in those calculations. So, the resulting button was often cropped a bit. No more!

Better Button Rendering

in5 now traverses the objects within a button checking for effects that will alter the button’s size. The result is that buttons with outer effects now display as expected, with no need for any workarounds.

Automatic Packaging for Baker Framework and Liquid State

in5 now automatically packages files when exporting for the Baker Framework (.hpub file extension) or the Liquid State Publishing System (.zip extension).

Baker Framework

The HPUB file can be posted directly to a server and used with Newsstand issues. The HPUB file is automatically created when you select Baker Framework (HPUB) as the Output format in the in5 dialog, and the file is saved to the same directory as the book folder.


A ZIP package is now also automatically created when you select Liquid State Publishing System as the Output format. This package can then be uploaded directly into a Liquid State project.

Scrolling Frames Unleashed

Scrolling Frames previously supported text, images, and buttons. Scrolling Frames can now support all types of content, including other Overlays like Slideshows!

Animation Triggered by Object States

We didn’t even realize it, but InDesign had an On State Load event to trigger animation within Multi-State Objects. A savvy user on the in5 Answer Exchange tipped us off to the feature, which allows animation to play when a specific Object State is visible. It’s very useful and it’s now supported by in5!

Ready to try out the new features?

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How to Create Scrolling Chapters for the Baker Framework Using InDesign and in5

Several in5 (InDesign to HTML5) users have asked about creating long chapters within their Baker Framework ebooks, so I put together the following video to demonstrate how this can be accomplished using InDesign and in5.

The technique in the video is enhanced by some additional features that have been added to a recent update to in5.

Baker-specific enhancements for in5 v2.1.3

  • Vertically scrolling (tall) pages within Baker now return to the top automatically when leaving the page.
  • Added script to merge multiple pages into a vertically scrolling (tall) page.
  • Switched on zoomable by default in book.json file for HPUB.
  • Removed viewport meta tag from HPUB thumbnail page.

The Baker Framework is a free code library that allows you to publish beautiful, interactive books (or magazine issues) to the iPad and iPhone.

To start creating ebooks from InDesign today, you can

  1. Download the framework and
  2. Get a free copy of in5 >>

Background Image Sizing and Automatic Mobile Viewport Scaling Now Available with in5

We’re pleased to announce a few additional in5 (InDesign to HTML5) features to help create digital content.

Viewport Zoom is Now Automatic

A few months ago, I posted a tutorial on how to use one of the most powerful (but underutilized) features of in5: The Most Useful in5 Feature that You’re Not Using Yet – Scaling a Single Design to Multiple Devices – The Viewport Zoom Setting Explained.

Now that feature is automatically applied by in5. The new Let in5 Choose option is now the default Viewport Zoom setting in the in5 dialog. It automatically scales the viewport on a mobile device to match the document’s page size (except when the Liquid Page Format is used, then zoom is set to 100%).

New Background Image Size Options

There’s now a menu for the background image size for both the document and the page.


The Cover option will fill the entire space (document or page).


The Contain option will make the image as large as it can be and still completely fit in the available space.


Other updates in v2.1.0:

  • Added support for Object Export Settings within Scrolling Frames.
  • Added support for drop shadows around Scrolling Frames.
  • Added support for Buttons within Scrolling Frames.
  • Fixed animation with modified motion paths.
  • Fixed issue with horizontal/vertical lines thinner than 1 pixel not rendering with Liquid Page format.

Alternate Font Format Embedding Now Available with in5

One challenge with fonts on the web (aside from font licensing) is that different browsers support different formats for embedding. There are wonderful services like the FontSquirrel Web Font Generator that will generate all the different file formats from a single font file.

The latest version of in5 (InDesign to HTML5) now automatically searches for alternate font formats in the folder of the original font file as well as in the Document fonts folder (if available with the .indd file).

in5 now supports the following formats as alternates when rendering text as HTML with Local Embedding: eot, woff, svg, otf, and ttf. When any of the these alternates are found (with the same name as the primary font file, but a different extension), in5 grabs a copy of the file, includes it in the output, and automatically generates the @font-face CSS for every format that can be found. The primary font used with InDesign can be an otf  or ttf file.

Here’s the complete change log for version 2.0.5:

  • Added capability to embed local fonts from the Document fonts folder.
  • Added support for alternate fonts (eot, woff, svg, otf, and ttf).
  • Added support for lightbox links in SVG text.
  • Added Image Quality control support for items within a Group that has Object Export Settings applied at the Group level.
  • Added Image Quality control support for Pan and Zoom Overlay.
  • Improved leading for single-line text frames.
  • Improved positioning of images with drop shadows applied.
  • Improved automatic keyword generation.
  • Removed the load indicator for multi-page export options (Baker and Liquid State Publishing System).
  • Fixed missing SVG text for textframes that only contained a hyperlink.
  • Fixed On Page Click animation event.
  • Fixed issue with images rendered inside of scrolling frames.
  • Fixed issue with missing content in MSO object states.
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashing bug related to certain text frames.
  • Fixed leading/line-height issue for subscript and superscript when rendering text as HTML.
  • Fixed issue with the Application Cache and file names with spaces.
  • Fixed issue with long lines of text related to noBreak set to passthrough with style.

in5 Version 2: New Features Sneak Peek

We’re ringing in the new year with a brand new version of in5 (InDesign to HTML5). Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:

New Features include

  • Support for native InDesign Animation
  • Support for Timing of multiple animations (sequencing)
  • The ability to nest animation and interactivity within groups and Multi-State Objects
  • new Document Presets
  • new Output Formats (like iPhone Web App)
  • Amazon Marketplace integration
  • Image Quality controls
  • the ability to add Background Images

We expect version 2 to be available in mid-January. This new version of in5 will be a paid upgrade, with substantial discounts available to version 1 and Kickstarter license holders.

You can check back here, or sign-up to be notified when version 2 is released.

Update (01/16/2014): Version 2 is now available.