Background Image Sizing and Automatic Mobile Viewport Scaling Now Available with in5

We’re pleased to announce a few additional in5 (InDesign to HTML5) features to help create digital content.

Viewport Zoom is Now Automatic

A few months ago, I posted a tutorial on how to use one of the most powerful (but underutilized) features of in5: The Most Useful in5 Feature that You’re Not Using Yet – Scaling a Single Design to Multiple Devices – The Viewport Zoom Setting Explained.

Now that feature is automatically applied by in5. The new Let in5 Choose option is now the default Viewport Zoom setting in the in5 dialog. It automatically scales the viewport on a mobile device to match the document’s page size (except when the Liquid Page Format is used, then zoom is set to 100%).

New Background Image Size Options

There’s now a menu for the background image size for both the document and the page.


The Cover option will fill the entire space (document or page).


The Contain option will make the image as large as it can be and still completely fit in the available space.


Other updates in v2.1.0:

  • Added support for Object Export Settings within Scrolling Frames.
  • Added support for drop shadows around Scrolling Frames.
  • Added support for Buttons within Scrolling Frames.
  • Fixed animation with modified motion paths.
  • Fixed issue with horizontal/vertical lines thinner than 1 pixel not rendering with Liquid Page format.

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  1. Greg Robins says:

    I have some changes to the viewport settings that help swiping on iPhones:

    Page format: Continous Horizontal
    Output: HPUB
    uncheck display in5 link in footer

    Image Quality: Use Image Export Settings//
    Device Viewport Settings: Zoom to page width
    uncheck render rectangles as css
    uncheck page items to span across pages within spreads
    check render group as images

    open up book.json
    change settings below
    “orientation”: “both”,
    “zoomable”: true,

    meta name=”viewport” content=”width=585.00,minimum-scale=.2”

    change above to
    meta name=”viewport” content=”height=200, width=device-width”

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for your suggestions, Greg. As per the information above, the new default selection for Viewport Zoom, Let in5 Choose, automatically uses the Zoom to Page Width option in the case. So, no need to make the extra selection. 😉

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