Getting Started with in5 (InDesign to HTML5)

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I’ve heard from a few people lately asking for introduction to in5.

This post has some resources to help you go from “zero to hero.”

I’ll explain what in5 does and how it can help you publish yourAdobe InDesign content online.

The Very Short Version

in5 lets your export your layout, animation, and interactivity directly from InDesign.

in5 uses InDesign’s own interactive features, so you can focus on your design, instead of learning how to use unfamiliar software.

This video above gives you a quick intro in less than 2 minutes.

The slides above (In5 Benefits: A Quick Overview) offer a quick 30-second glance if you’re in a rush. 😉

Examples of Sites and Apps Made with in5

Sometimes the easiest route to understanding is to see what others have made.

The playlist below contains several customer examples.

You can find more customer examples like these.

You can also find more videos on the Ajar Productions YouTube Channel.

How to

There are tons of how-to resources to help you create awesome digital content with in5.

Create a digital magazine

Check out this in-depth article with videos on creating a digital magazine.

Free course

Learn to Become a Digital Publisher Master one lesson at a time building from the ground up.

free digital publishing course taught by the experts

You can even sign up to have lessons sent to you over time.

Demo videos with sources files

The video demos page has several how-to videos along with source files and example pages.

Ask questions, get answers, find customizations

The in5 Answer Exchange is available as a quick way to find answers to common questions, report bugs, and submit feature requests.

The Nitty Gritty

Ready to go full-on expert?

The follow resources will let you deep dive into all specialized things that in5 can help you do.

Official help documentation

The official help docs can be the best place to find certain answers..

Full interactive feature documentation

Need to know if an InDesign interactive feature is supported? There’s a full list, along with a search filter.

Don’t forget this blog

I post tons of articles on this blog, you can use the search feature to find really specific articles like this one on Advanced Hyperlinking.

Learn By Doing

If you’re looking for a hands-on option, grab the free trial of in5.

You can be exporting digital files from InDesign in minutes.

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  1. Ruben Mejia says:

    Hello! I’d like more information on in5. Specifically, I’d like to know how I would manage the licenses that are assigned to each user and I’d like more information on the custom IT tools that are available with the Quad subscription.

    1. Justin says:

      Hi Ruben,

      Happy to help you with that!

      The online account provided with a subscription lets you add and delete users, and manage activations (i.e., remotely deactivate users).

      You can easily port activations from one person at your company to another.

      If you prefer to remotely deploy activations with your in5 installations, I can create a custom installer for your IT dept.

      Please reach out to me over email and we can continue discussing.


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