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I'm using the on hover javascript code in indesign that i mentioned in my last question but when exporting my & was converted to an entity code. the word being made into a hyperlink in indesign was 'T&D' but was exported into html was: 

<span class="Hyperlink"><a href="myjavscriptHere">T#AM</a>PD</span>

obviously the character conversion ins't ideal but it also only made the first 4 characters a link instead of the whole word. Is there anything i can do to avoid this?

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Here's the link from the post you mention for anyone else with the same question:


I'm checking with Justin. I'll let you know what I find out.
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I'm checking with our developer. I'll keep you posted.

Our developer has been looking into the issue. We wanted to confirm that you're using the most recent version of in5, version 3.8.11.