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With my files i'm making use of several popup windows for various features and keep those layers hidden while i'm not working on them. In the export dialog i check the "Include hidden layers" option so that i don't have to worry about un-hiding all those layers when exporting. however the thumbnails for each page pretty much only display those big popups making every thumbnail look the same. My current practice is to just export the pages with the popup layers hidden as jpgs at 22 dpi to get the right size, then batch rename in Bridge to mimic the naming convention In5 uses for the thumbnails, then copy and replace the exported ones.

Is there a way edit my settings to not include hidden layers for the thumbnails that are exported so i can skip those extra steps?
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‚ÄčTo make an object not appear in the thumbnail, set it to be a non-printing object. Here's how:

  1. Put the content on its own layer
  2. Select the new layer
  3. Go to the Layers panel menu in the upper right of the Layers panel and select Layer Options for the selected layer
  4. In the Layer Options dialog, deselect Print Layer
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Worked perfectly! its exactly what i needed, thank you!
Excellent! I'm so glad that helped. :)