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is it possible to set it so that a multi-page document can stay in full screen mode when moving between pages? As i've mentioned in a few other questions we are using in5 to build eBooks. At the time we are scrapping the swiping capabilities (as it turns out these features don't work when each page is its own html file, which is required for some of our extra features we've implemented) but i've noticed the in5 fullscreen, which seems to be a separate type of fullscreen from the browser fullscreen (f11) leaves the full screen when moving from page to page. 

in addition despite the Slider formats being presented as including arrow key navigation on the site and videos, this doesn't seem to function. i found another post from a few years ago where a user found a line of code that reads:

sliderSettings = {enableKeyboard:false};

and obviously i would like that setting to say :true, but i haven't been able to find where they found that.

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It's not possible to keep fullscreen between pages in a multi-file output. This is a limitation of the browser. If websites could redirect you in fullscreen, they could mimic other sites or even your desktop and create all kinds of security nightmares.

The only way to keep your document in fullscreen is to use a non-multi-file output.
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yes, unfortunately i came to the same conclusion while researching the browser fullscreen and fullscreen api. its not a deal breaker, i'll keep researching ways to improve the user experience with whats available to me. thanks again for you response!
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We will be happy to help you troubleshoot this. Would you be able to send us your InDesign file (or a sample file that recreates the issue) and your html5_output to:

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just sent over, thank you!
Thank you very much! I have received the files and we will take a look.