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I'm having an issue where a line of bulleted text, which has a character style applied to it with an underline and color, is affecting the bullet itself when exporting to web with text as pixel perfect rendering. the bullet becomes blue like the text and the underline stretches under the bullet, creating an undesirable look.

In addition it seems that text frames with auto-size turned on with a frame placed above with text wrap applied to it in order to shape the text frame beneath, is not rendering correctly in html. the text frame loses recognition of the frame above, making the text frame only the size of the text contained within, and pushing almost completely under the above frame.

are there any work arounds for these issues?
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how the text looks in the doc

how it looks in html

how the text frame looks in the doc vs html

It seems that perhaps the inset spacing in the text box is forcing the last line of text out of the frame when rendered. if i make the text frame slightly larger with the inset being just below the descenders none of the text is removed upon export, but i need to make this consistent and preferable automatic so manually increasing the frame size. curiously a different auto-size text frame in the book is working as intended, but its last line doesnt have descenders, which seems to be the key thing.

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If you're exporting with Text Rendering set to one of the HTML text options, check to make sure that you don't have any style overrides. You can view them by going to the Character Styles panel menu or the Paragraph Styles panel menu and selecting Toggle Style Override Highlighter. When that option is enabled, text that is formatted with overrides to the styles appear highlighted in cyan.

If you export with in5 and Text Rendering is set to Images, the style overrides aren't an issue. 

However, when you export using HTML text, in5 uses the Character, Paragraph, and Object Styles to create the CSS. If there are overrides, then in5 goes through a series of checks to try to "guess" what the style should be. These overrides can cause unintended results. So if you'd like to export with HTML text and the HTML text styles aren't rendering as expected, clear any style overrides.

Here's more information on Text Rendering:

To hide the video controls, go to in5 > Interactive Widgets > Video and in the Video Settings dialog, set Controller Skin to None.
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This was rendered with text as images, pixel perfect, but still get that issue with the bullet styling. rendering as html totally broke the design so rendered as not live will be the only option.

For the video its not the controls i'm pointing out, its the grey text frame that is set behind it. Its a frame set to auto-size and the text-wrap around the video stretching it to the proper size, but the text wrap is being lost in the rendering making the text frame smaller in the output than in the document and making it fall completely behind the video frame.

Update: I've removed the auto size on the text frames and just have them set to a fixed size, but when i exported it for web app and placed in on my ipad for testing, the last line of the video captions is not being rendered. the first line does if there is a second line, but it seems to be not rendering whatever the last line is.
Would you be able to send us your InDesign package or a sample file that recreates the issue and your html5_output folder to troubleshoot to here:

I've just sent it over.