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OK, so I am making a simple layout that has a bunch of buttons on the landing page that each go to a corresponding page, which is a destination text anchor/bookmark. Everything has been working smoothly and then (of course right towards the end), I kept getting the button for page 21 going to page 22 and the button for page 22 going to page 23. All of the other buttons work fine, including the button for page 23 going to page 23.  I tried everything from deleting the buttons and redoing them, to redoing the bookmarks, to duplicating the pages and deleting the old ones.  Here's the funny thing, when I deleted the offending pages (21 and 22) and put them after page 23, they worked fine. But once I put them back, they went back to not working.  I decided to look into the code, and there it was.  The html code is all black for page 21. Does anyone know what this means?

Here is the website, note this an older upload so it was right before the problem started:


I am working in the latest In5, Windows 10 and Adobe 2022.  This is what the code looks like.  Thanks for any help! Mimi


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Would it be possible to send us the HTML output folder for us to inspect the code? If you could send the IDML file that would also be helpful. If it's large, please send it via Dropbox or WeTransfer or similar transfer link.
Thanks. We will take a look and get back with you!
Just as an FYI, when I run the file from InDesign to the Epub Interactivity preview, everything works fine....
OK, so I just compared all of the old export files.  The crazy thing is the error always starts on line 12422 of the code. I removed pages from the document and it just bumps the problem to whatever page starts on that line of code.  So it's not the page or any item on the page, it is something about page 21 that is throwing things off.  I also have been re-exporting to a new folder so this is not a result of overwriting gremlins...
Thank you for the updates. I've seen the same issues. I'm going to send this to the dev folks to see where the issue might be coming in.

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