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I have an MSO that is controlled by forward and back buttons and within some of the states I have animation set to happen on state load. It works correctly in the epub preview and when I "publish online" but not with the in5 export. The screen shot is just one of the examples. It has three images grouped in a container within the MSO (2 of the 3 have animation set to load on state load). Please tell me it is just a setting within one the in5 menus that I need to adjust. 

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It might be best for you to send your InDesign package (links, IDML file, etc.) to support@ajarproductions so we can take a look. It may be that something is blocking the MSO.
the file is really large, is that ok?
You can use a service like WeTransfer or a Dropbox link and send us an email with the link. Thanks!
ok, I just sent it :)
@Egamet did you have any luck figuring out the issue with my file?

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