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I have added our GA ID to the export dialog but it appears nowhere in the source code; I have checked buttons and download PDF. I am on version 3.6.9 and on Adobe CC 2020 on Mac. This error was happening in the update previous to 3.6.9 as we discovered it in our last project.
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It's likely that more than the ID is being pasted. Please send us an IDML of your document and we'll take a look:
I deleted everything in the field and retyped the ID from scratch and that unfortunately is not working either. Note that the ID is not outputting for any of our in5 projects.

Here is a link to the packaged ID files: http://s843191881.onlinehome.us/finance-trends/PRO_0920_LPG_FinanceTrends_USA_ENG_in5.zip
That's odd, because I see it in the output. When I export, it shows up in assets/js/in5.config.js (near the end).
P.S. Try updating to the latest version (v3.6.11):

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