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Hey Justin Putney,

i'm trying to set up an export preset with the layoutstyle "modern digital" with different page sizes.

That all works fine and looks good, only problem is that the pages hang on the top of the browserpage and the navigationarrows are vertical centered on the browserpage.

The post here


describes my problem... but the css code didn't work for me because i'm using not flip page layout i think.

How should the css file look like for the modern digital version?

Additional export-information:

Mobile Device Viewport Zoom: Use Desktop Scaling

Desktop Scaling: Best Fit

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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When I do a test with different sizes of pages in the same document in Chrome, use the modern digital layout with the scaling options you mentioned, and apply the CSS from the link to Resources, the browser scales each page to fit the window with the arrows vertically centered. Is that not how you want them to look? How do you want your pages to display? If you'd like us to take a look, you can send us your files here https://ajarproductions.com/pages/contact.php?category=in5&software_issue=bug
Hey Mrs Ferguson,
thanks a lot for your reply! I already send some files and screenshots via wetransfer using the contact formular.
To your answer... yes the arrows are located in the middle of the browserwindow and thats fine. But the magazin itself sticks on the top of the browserpage. I have some A4 landscape magazins and the are located on top... i want to have the magazin vertical->centered that there is a little space on the top of the page and the same space to the bottom. Then the arrows are automatically are in the middle of the magazin...

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