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The Text is not correct in the source code, when i exported the content as pichture. For example:

<div class="page" data-name="6" style="width:900px;height:2500px;"><img src="assets/images/item_11658.png" class="pageItem hd" alt="Interview Kiyo Kuhlbach, Theo D ttmann fotos Andrea Bowinkelmann" style="left:152px !important;top:50px !important;" id="item11658"/><img src="assets/images/item_11682.png" class="pageItem" alt="GraphicLine" style="width:102px !important;height: 1px !important;left:399px !important;top:43px !important;" id="item11682"/><img src="assets/images/item_11684.png" class="pageItem hd" alt="Im Gespr ch: Stefan Klett" style="left:152px !important;top:30px !important;" id="item11684"/><img src="assets/images/item_11707.png" class="pageItem hd" alt=" ber den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzen- los sein  So hei t es  Was war der weiteste Flug, den Du unternommen    " style="left:186px !important;top:565px !important;" id="item11707"/><img src="assets/images/item_11730.png" class="pageItem hd" alt="Der neue Pr sident des Landessportbundes NRW hei t Stefan Klett  Der 52-j hrige Wipperf rther, bisher LSB-Vizepr side   " style="left:224px !important;top:321px !important;" id="item11730"/><img src="assets/images/item_11753.png"

You see all German special charakters are gone also not the whole content is here


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Could you please send the InDesign files to us at:

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