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Hi Justin,

I am building a student document and they have a lot of fillable text fields in it. They would like to keep this portion online for the students but I cant get my Text field to stay in the location I have it in InDesign when I export it. Any trick to this? I can't anchor them because the text field becomes a graphic or they just don't show up. I am rendering out with web text HMTL fallback. I'm not doing a post publish of 62 text fields. lol Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Kristy Hammond
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Are you trying to do a fillable form? The best approach right now is to integrate a Google form:

Okay that is awesome and I will use that too but theses are just textfields so the learner can take notes. The textfields export perfect for an Interactive PDF but when it exports with In5 the boxes don't stay in their appropriate spot. Any ideas for that?
They should keep their spot. Please send us the InDesign file and we'll take a look.
I sent you a google drive path for a dummy course so you can look at it. Let me know if you don't get it. Thanks.
Thanks! I've downloaded it and I'll take a look.

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