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Is there anything else I need to consider when using the application offline, apart from checking "Cache All" (Application Cache Offline Viewing)?

Export: Multi-Device Web App

After the export the window appears which says that you can add it to your home screen but if it is on my home screen I see another icon from my browser in the lower right corner of the app icon (for example Chrome Logo). I don't see this in other examples... . Is this normal?

When I now go into flight mode (offline) and want to open the app it tells me no internet and therefore no offline view.

What am I doing wrong? What else do I have to consider?

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I have heard cases on Android where the icon is not showing. It seems to be an Android bug.

The app needs to be opened long enough 1 time (from the home screen) for everything to download first.

If that's not working...I recommend checking the Console, which will show any potential issues:
is it because of the size of approx. 150 MB that even after a long wait (the first time you open it), the content is not available offline?

Is there a (cache) limit here?

It is an entire catalog, therefore very extensive. I have already resized all images (+tinified). Two videos, which are in it, I have also already compressed.

Another Question: If I want to create an app from my InDesign document using PhoneGap, do the interactivity buttons, links, pop-ups etc. not work? In addition, the loading content... ... always appears on top...

Look for a possibility to display the interactive flipbook offline (especially for tablet, mobile). But every solution I try does not work.
Yes, 150 MB is likely beyond the device's default limit as well.

Even if it's not, it will take a long time to download upon first opening.

This might be a project to consider converting to an app:

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