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I have a problem with In5 . Every time I move the mouse pointer over a white empty area the hand is shown as mouse pointer. So from here you can click on it but there is nothing.  Each time an empty lightbox opens. Although I have also turned this off in the Export Options... I don't want any lightboxes that open... Is it maybe due to object status in the background? But actually the buttons are not active here. Maybe someone can help? :(
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Sounds like there is a hyperlink or button in the document that's triggering this. Send us your InDesign document (we only need the affected page) and we can help you fix it:
Got the problem on every side. I only have the problem if I export it as a Flipbook.
Did you set the page background to be transparent?
Solved the problem yesterday. Exactly. Put a white area in the background everywhere.  Now everything works as it should :)
Glad you solved it. You shouldn't even have to add a rectangle. You should simply be able to set a background color upon export.

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