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Hi there,

So I have a ID doc (which is a local council child's activities guide) that has web links and/or email addresses in most (if not all) of the activities description. Such links sit under the proper headline 'LINK FOR INFO'

I was just wondering if there's a way (not sure if there's some option in IN5 or maybe via some script or even a mix of both perhaps...) to automate the task of reading, understanding and retrieving the links/emails from the text and also automatically convert the proper text into a link (not necessarily a button).

I was thinking in some checkbox that could read 'Autodetect text links and convert' or something similar...

Any ideas or am I totally out of my mind? If not that would be an aw-awesome function to add!  ;)

Thanks in advance!
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Half an answer, actually (self-answered, anyways). Just noticed that in the PDF IN5 creates (when choosing the option to do so) the links already seem to work: both websites links and email links; with no additional job done. Nothing, seems like the PDF automatically renders such links.

However, it does not happen in the HTML version so I guess I must still work that out...
Send us the file and we'll take a look:

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