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I have just Updated to Version 3 of In5 (great plugin that I have used on many sites). I have a website ready that is working well in Chrome and Egde but when I open it in Internet Explorer it hangs on the loading screen (local files so no actual preload) and only loads the non image content (text and backgrounds). I'm not sure how to remedy this. Is it possibly a pre-load issue? Can I add an IF IE11 tag to stop it preloading? 

I can't show you the site until it has been OK'd by my client but I'd love some help!

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: After a little testing, the images load if I turn 'lazy load images' off in the advanced tab. But the loading bar still hangs and no animations/animated images work.

EDIT2: I tried a blank page with only one image on it in InDesign. On export with In5 V3 it has the same issue. It just hangs with the grey loading bar at the top (Internet Explorer 11 only). 

EDIT3: If I export from the V2 plugin, it works in IE11. But the jump to bookmark menu's are broken in Chrome and I have to add resize code to get it to fit to width. 

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This is my fault. There is a bug in the IE version that will be fixed in the next update (3.3).

To fix it immediately, try opening assets/js/in5.config.js and replacing the highlighted section below:

var clickEv = (touchEnabled) ? 'vclick' : 'click';
if (!window.getComputedStyle) {
    window.getComputedStyle = function(e, t) {
    return this.el = e, this.getPropertyValue = function(t) {
    var n = /(\-([a-z]){1})/g;
    return t == "float" && (t = "styleFloat"), n.test(t) && (t = t.replace(n, function() {
    return arguments[2].toUpperCase();
    })), e.currentStyle[t] ? e.currentStyle[t] : null;
    }, this;
var prefix = (function () {
var styles = window.getComputedStyle(document.documentElement, ''),
pre = (Array.prototype.slice.call(styles).join('').match(/-(moz|webkit|ms)-/) || (styles.OLink === '' && ['','o']))[1],
    dom = ('WebKit|Moz|MS|O').match(new RegExp('(' + pre + ')', 'i'))[1];
    return { dom: dom, lowercase: pre, css: '-' + pre + '-', js: pre[0].toUpperCase() + pre.substr(1)};
var pre = (document.createElement('div').style['WebkitTransform'] != undefined) ? '-webkit-' : '';

It's near the top of the document.

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Thanks again Justin! I'll try that.

EDIT: Works like a charm