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In5 export “multi-device web app”, flip book, facing spreads not successful.

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Are flip pages and facing spreads supported for webapp?
asked May 17 in how_to by kaymarie (170 points)
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Does it work when you use the Web export?
Yes, with the web export it works. Sounds like I could use this setting to view both on desktop and mobile, correct? Also, I'd like to display the arrows too, and have that boxed checked but they don't appear on the iPad? How do I get the arrows to show on the ipad or is that unsupported?
Please send me a zipped package of your HTML output (the Web App) and I'll take a look:
Thanks for the file.

This was exported with "Slider (Horizontal)" format, rather than the Flipbook. That's why it's not appearing as the Flipbook.

One other thing to note, the Flipbook is semi-responsive. So it shows single page view when in portrait mode (and a 2-page spread when in landscape).

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