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Web app experiences crashes

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I'm working on a project not for public viewing that currently has 23 pages. The desktop version works fine in all browsers, but it needs to be viewed in multiple devices, especially phones.  The InDesign dimensions are set up at the iPhone 6 setting of 1080 x 1920 px. Except for the cover and the TOC Links page, each page has a background (from a master page), a photo in flip card format with text information on back of the photo, and a bottom bar with button links to specific social media and contact sites for each person in the photos. When testing on an iPhone, after running through it a few times it becomes unstable and crashes. This project will eventually have 102 pages all set up the same way with flip card photos. The image folder size is under 10 mb after optimizing, so when the rest of the pages are in it could be at 50mb. Is that to large to work on a device? Should I reduce the dimensions of the InDesign file? What else can be done to reduce file size  before the rest of the pages are added in? What could be done to prevent crashing?

Also, is there a way to put a button on a flip card to to the flipping so that some other user actions on either side of the flip card might be possible?
asked May 2 in how_to by dburrier (120 points)
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Can you PM me with a URL to look at?

50 mb should be fine.

I think you can put a button inside the flip card state and it should work.
I reduced the overall file size of the document to iPhone 4 setting which is much smaller than the iPhone 6 and the resolution is fine for the phone when tested. The size shrunk to less than 6 MB and the crashing stopped. The final size should be approx 22MB when complete.
I put an item that looks like a button on to the first state of the flip image on each page so the user knows to click.
I'm not permitted to share the file.
Ok. I would be surprised if the issue is purely file size. Glad you were able to make progress.

Let me know if I can do anything else to help.

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