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Need to add meta tags for ad size and and click through.

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My banner ad made in Indesign and exported to html5 with in5.

Feedback was no ad size meta tag detected; no click through meta tag detected.

I've been told Root HTML files must contain an "ad.size" meta tag of the form: <meta name="ad.size" content="width=XXX,height=YYY" />


Root HTML files must contain a "click.through" meta tag of the form: <meta name="click.through" content="my_clickable_element_id" />

Please can anyone tell me where I put this these tags? Is it in Indesign or in in5 options that come up as the html5 is made?


asked May 1 in how_to by Pinnie (140 points)

1 Answer

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These look like custom meta tags for an ad platform.

There is a way to attach HTML to the document during export, but not in the <head>, which is were these would need to go.

For right now, you would have to manually add to the index.html file (inside the <head> tag).

answered May 7 by justin (135,050 points)