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Issues with numbered and bulleted lists

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I am trying to make numbered lists in my document with real text, so it can ultimately be searchable. Originally, in the print version of the document, I was doing the numbers manually and with tabs. Well, since IN5 seems to have difficulty with tabs, I am attempting to use the numbered list feature in InDesign. And whereas I can get things how I want them to look in the InDesign file, I am having mxed result with the exported file.

I want everything to look as close to the print version of the book as possible (which has already been done). The numbers in the my numbered lists are a different color and scaled larger than the rest of the text. I have made this into a character style and included in the paragraph style with the numbered list turned on. Through some trial and error, I have gotten this to look okay after I export it. However, if I try to put a second character style in the line of text, to make some of it bold, and rest non bold, one of two things happen. If I use a "bold" character style on the first words editable words on the the line of text, the indents go all crazy. If I do the reverse, and change the whole paragraph style to bold, and than make a "non bold" character style to words later in the line, it just makes the enitre paragraph style "non-bold".

I am also having a similar issue with indents bullets, but I haven't had a chance to really tackle that yet.

asked Mar 2 in how_to by victoria.mcd (170 points)
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Hi Victoria,
Send me an example document and I'll take a look:
I've got some improvements coming for bullet alignment in v3.2.

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