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we are searching a way to get the article name into the "html content meta tag". at the moment the title of the publication is there.

or we want to export the article names in a json file: for example:


contents" [

"0001.html" name="first article" thumbnail="assets/images/pagethumb0001.jpg"

or maybe just an idea to export the indesign toc within in5?

did anybody has an idea?


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Hi Stephan,

This be done with a custom script tailored to your workflow.

Since InDesign Articles are linked to pages (rather they're linked to a series of stories that can span multiple pages), there isn't a good "one size fits all" way to approach this via the Articles panel.

However, another approach might be to name each page with an InDesign Bookmark.

If you make any changes in the Resources section of the in5 dialog (even just clicking one of the "append" buttons), in5 will export a bit of extra metadata, including a data-bookmarks attribute on the "page" node that will include any bookmark names on that page.

See these answers for context:

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