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Viewer Display Responsive

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The feature Viewer Display is better suitable for desktop views or the feature could work in mobile too? I ask because in mobile screen the viewer display getting so big. Please, see this image

Is there any control about it?



asked Jan 15 in how_to by dualpixel (750 points)
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This is a great "edge case" that I didn't fully consider with the original design of the viewer. The display is larger on smaller devices to accommodate the fact that fingers are bigger and less precise than mouse cursors.

Even removing the display entirely may not be a great solution in this case because the design is so wide and scaled to fit the entire window. I might suggest using a different Mobile Viewport option in this case. It will force the landscape smartphone user to scroll, but that might be a better alternative.

Do you have any suggestions on how you would like to see this handled?

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