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Mobile Article Explorer

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I want to utlize the Mobile Article Explorer so viewers can easly read just the text on a smart phone or tablet. I was able to set it up and the lightbox pops up with the article text, but the light box doesn't scale to the device size. So basically it works well on a desktop, but the text is very hard to ready on a smartphone or tablet.

Is there a way to scale the lightbox that pops up for the Mobile Article viewer to fit the device your viewing it on?
asked Jan 5 in how_to by ejaraujo (140 points)
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Can you send me a URL or a package of the output to test?


I think that Mobile Article is scalable already. Please, see the link

I would link to improve the responsive of Viewer Display (See here). It´s so big to mobile screen




Use CSS to format Article Mobile
It doesn't scale up past a certain width (550-600px) by default because that would make the text less readable, but you can adjust it with CSS.

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