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I got a document whit a single page that contains three MSO animated whit FlipCard and works fine.

The same page into a document whit three pages does not work.


Any solution, please



Iñaki Martínez

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Thanks for the file. I'm looking into it now.
Thanks again, Justin. Now works fine.
Glad to hear it. :-)

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The problem lies within the custom Reset MSO javascript.

This will be automatically be fixed within the in5.config.js file in the next update, but you can fix it sooner by modifying the Reset MSO script to the following (new code highlighted):

$(document).on('newPage', function(e,data){
if(nav.previousPageIndex !== undefined) {
    $('.page').eq(nav.previousPageIndex).find('.mso').each(function(i,el){ toFirstState(el); $(el).filter('[.flipcard-side,.flipcard-up').children('.state').attr('style',''); });
    $('.page').eq(data.index).find('.mso').each(function(i,el){ toFirstState(el); $(el).filter('.flipcard-side,.flipcard-up').children('.state').attr('style',''); });

Update: this is now automatically fixed in v3.1.9.




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