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Animation delay not working

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I'm having an issue with a delayed animation within a MSO. The delay works in the InDesign Preview panel but not when exported to web or iPad app format. I have buttons set up to control switching between states – this animates a slide onto the page (button 1) and off of the page (button 2).

I want the slide to dissappear after a set amount of time if the user does not remove it themselves. To achieve this I have set a delayed animation on button 1 but this does not work when exported and the slide just stays on screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Indesign CC 2017.1 / in5 3.0.11
asked May 23, 2017 in bugs by RogerG (120 points)
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Please send me the output and I'll take look:
Hi Roger,
Are you still having this issue?

I'd be happy to test your file.

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