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Why are in5 Exports Reverting to Previous Exports Even When Clear Previous Export Files is Selected

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Was having a problem wherein a placed image with INDD CS6 assigned drop shadow was rendering against white rectangle in export, but not in INDD. Deleted the placed image, saved to a new file name, exported with image deleted and "Clear Previously Eported Files" selected, opened in5 export and the deleted image was again in the export opened again in Safari. After repeated results, quit INDD, shut down computer, restarted computer, opened file in INDD CC, saved the file with a new name, exported via in5, with a new name and there, again was the same image that had been deleted in two previous file saves and a change from CS6 to CC.

It's like deja vu all over again, wherein in5 thinks it's an elephant and never forgets that the image has been deleted.
asked May 7, 2017 in bugs by Steve Berkheimer (120 points)
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Hmm...sounds like a ghost in the machine. Could you send me the file?

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