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Hoverover States Not Working

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I have had significant problems involving rollover states for buttons. Initially the Web design I produced was, I think, too large. In setting Liquid Layout options, both in InDesign and in in5, my rollover states involving text appeared to not scale according to any simulated device. The buttons text were various colors with rollover state set to white text. Although the buttons worked in navigation and the color changed to white upon hoverover, the text could not be read and appeared as though the text within the button was way too big.

Subsequently, I started rebuilding the design at a smaller size. In doing this text buttons set to turn white upon hoverover disappeared. As a result of this, I reverted the text buttons back to just type and placed a rectangle behin the text, which I set as gray buttons that upon hoverover were set to appear black. In both cases (text as buttons and rectangles as buttons) the InDesign Preview confirmed my button settings. The rectangle alternative placed behind the text alsl resulted in the text disappearing and the black color change did not appear.
asked May 4 in bugs by Steve Berkheimer (140 points)
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Hi Steve,
Do I have a copy of this file to look at? If not, could you send me one?

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