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Is it possible to export with the Slider(Horizontal) page format and have long scrolling pages as well or do every page has to have the same size?

My settings:
Output: Web

Device Viewport Zoom: Zoom to Device Width

I’m trying to replicate Adobe DPS style navigation / baker framework but can’t it to work in the mobile browser. All the regular size pages work just fine but the long vertical pages are being cut off.

Check out this link on mobile for reference: http://bluemonkey.dk/in5/

One fix I found is to insert the content into a scrollable frame, but then the animations and interactivity stops working.

I really hope somebody can help me, because I've trying to fix this all day.

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Yes, this is supported.

However, in looking at your page on iOS, it looks like iOS has introduced some kind of scrolling bug—which effectively cuts off the page.

Can you package your output into a zip file so I can investigate?
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Thanks. I will take a look and see what I can find.
Hi Justin.
Did you find anything?
Try adding the following as a .css file in the Resources section and let me know if it helps:

.pageResizer { display:none; }