Gouarte Creates Self-running Tradeshow Presentations with InDesign & in5

When I added Presentation Mode to in5, I didn’t quite know all the ways that people would be using it, but I quickly received some reports about really cool projects.

José Gouveia was one of the first designers to jump in and start creating inventive presentations.

He’s using InDesign to design his layouts (including animation and video) and in5 to export those layouts to self-running HTML presentations that he can display at tradeshows.

He displays the presentation in a kiosk app like Dave Hickey‘s project, but on a tall, vertical monitor (using Android), instead of an iPad.

You can see his handiwork in the video below.

José’s input inspired me to add the ability to delay slides with autoplaying video (even if the video duration is longer than the slide duration).

José has become so skilled at creating these presentations to highlight his brand, that he sent me photos of a second event before I’d even finished the video on the first event (above). 🙂

I created a slideshow of the second event below using in5.

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  1. Jud Blakely says:

    Justin, Your efforts in coming up with in5 should win you a Nobel Prize for “Incredible Innovations” that are likely to reshape the work environment for a generation. Most likely, I’m not smart enough to take full advantage of in5 but I’m just reckless enough to try. Thank you. Jud

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