6 Custom Solutions from the in5 Answer Exchange

One of the best things about exporting HTML5 from InDesign using in5 is that the output is infinitely extendable. Here’s a collection of free code snippets from the Answer Exchange that can be use to alter the functionality of your exported content:

  1. Smooth Swiping Slider – This will drag a preview of the next (or previous) page as the user swipes.
  2. Scale to Desktop Browser Window – in5 can automatically scale to a mobile device window using the viewport meta tag (which is configured by default), but desktop browsers don’t support the viewport meta tag. This solution provides a workaround for modern desktop browsers.
  3. Reset Multi-State Objects on New Page – Sometimes the appearance of MSOs is changed by user interaction and you want your MSOs to return to a “starting” state.
  4. Allow Text Selection with Swipe Enabled – With the swipe enabled, the page is listening for swipe gestures, which prevents text selection. This bit of code lets these two bits of functionality live together by disabling the swipe on live text only.
  5. Blinking Initial Next Arrow – This gives the user a visual clue on how they can begin to navigate your site/app/document.
  6. Make Lightbox Fill the Screen – By default, the lightbox covers 80% of the screen. This code causes it to fill 100% of the screen.

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