in5 Version 2: New Features Sneak Peek

We’re ringing in the new year with a brand new version of in5 (InDesign to HTML5). Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:

New Features include

  • Support for native InDesign Animation
  • Support for Timing of multiple animations (sequencing)
  • The ability to nest animation and interactivity within groups and Multi-State Objects
  • new Document Presets
  • new Output Formats (like iPhone Web App)
  • Amazon Marketplace integration
  • Image Quality controls
  • the ability to add Background Images

We expect version 2 to be available in mid-January. This new version of in5 will be a paid upgrade, with substantial discounts available to version 1 and Kickstarter license holders.

You can check back here, or sign-up to be notified when version 2 is released.

Update (01/16/2014): Version 2 is now available.

2013 Features in Review

The feature list above is in addition to all of the version 1 features that we added to in5 in 2013. Included below is an abbreviated list of those features. As you can see, it was a very busy year.


  • Added iPad Web App feature.
  • Added icon option for iPad Web App and web favicon.
  • Added Button States feature (Rollover and Click States now supported).
  • Added Support for Scrollable Frame Overlays with text.
  • Added option to automatically make overset text scrollable.


  • Added Liquid Page Format that supports Liquid Layout.
  • Added Baker Framework export.
  • Variable page sizes now supported in the Continuous Scroll page formats.


  • Added Support for Multi-State Objects.
  • Added the following Multi-State button behaviors: Go to Next State, Go to Previous State, Go to State.
  • Added Show/Hide Button & Form behaviors.
  • Added the following Button behaviors for Movies and Sound: Play, Play from Navigation Point (movies only), Stop, Pause, Stop All.
  • Added support for single- and multi-line Text Field form elements.
  • Added basic support for form elements, including Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, List Boxes, and Combo Boxes.
  • Added support for Center and Bottom Vertical Justification of TextFrames.
  • Added support for Bookmark Page Destinations.
  • Added support for Slideshow Folio Overlay.
  • Added HTML embedding functionality for InDesign CS4, CS5, and CS5.5 to match the native CS6 functionality.
  • Added support for animated GIFs.
  • Added WAV and MP3 fallback search for alternate audio.
  • Added initial support for CSS hyphenation.


  • Added support for on Blur and on Focus events.
  • Added “Save Alt Layouts as Documents” Script.


  • Added support for multiple items within Scrolling Frames.
  • Added support for “No break” at paragraph and character levels.


  • Added SVG Text Rendering option (preserves appearance and scalability–great for retina displays).
  • Added support for the Web Content Overlay.
  • Added support for the Image Sequence Overlay.
  • Added support for the Pan and Zoom Overlay.
  • Added Resources section which makes in5 extensible by allowing the addition of custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and other assets.
  • Added the ability to select a custom range of pages.
  • Added support for Text Shadows, as well as Drop Shadows and Inner Shadows on text frames rendered as HTML.
  • Added support for Autoplay of Audio and Video (as well as Delay) in the Overlay Panel and Play on Page Load in the Media Panel.


  • Added support for Looping Audio and Video.
  • Added a loading indicator for HTML output.
  • Added bookmarking capabilities.


  • Added Feature Tour document that appears on first run after install or update.
  • Added support for variable page sizes in the Slider formats.
  • Added support for Hidden Until Triggered with InDesign CS4-CS5.5 buttons.


  • Added support for facing master page items.


  • Added support for Running Header text variables.
  • Added support for Auto Play (on Page Turn) for audio.
  • Added support for SWFObjects within Web Content Overlays.

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    Added SVG Text Rendering option (preserves appearance and scalability–great for retina displays).

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