InDesign to HTML5 Video Preview

Update (12/12/12): The product, now called in5 is now publicly available:

Our InDesign to HTML5 prerelease is progressing nicely. I put a video preview together so that everyone outside the prerelease could see some of the features that we already have in place.

For anyone who wasn’t able to back this project before it closed, our mailing list is the best way to find out exactly when ID->HTML5 is released.

Update (10/23/2012): Build 5 & 6 features covered in next post.

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  1. great work. i m really thank full to you for this blog

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks! Glad to hear it!

  3. Daniel Allen says:

    Hi Justin. I was wondering, what sort of support will the resulting code have for scaling to different screen resolutions? Will it adapt dynamically depending on whether the user is viewing content with a phone/ipad/PC? Ie, supporting both larger and smaller resolutions? I know Treesaver.js currently does this through use of multiple copies of CSS images. Thanks.

  4. Christian says:


    As one of those who missed out on the Kickstarter project, thanks for posting this video and please continue to do so in the pre-release phase.

    I’m hoping to use your product to create simple, easily distributable web apps on the iPad from Indesign CS6 – to use the tools I know, get a reasonable amount of interactivity (swipe, button, link) and to AVOID the App Store entirely.

    A couple of queries based on your demo video:

    1. Will users be able to disable the “built-in back and next buttons” you mentioned? (your demo effectively has two layers of navigation).

    2. I’m assuming that the code to force mobile safari to hide the menubar etc / push users to add the app to their home screen etc will need to be added after exporting from InDesign?

    Thanks and good luck with the rest of the development phase – very excited about this one…

    Cheers, Christian

  5. Justin says:

    Hi Daniel,
    That’s a good question! At some point (version 1.0 release, or shortly thereafter), we will support Liquid Layout, which will be the preferred option for device scaling. We may also work out a detection system that can display a different layout based on the device, but that may be down the road a bit.

  6. Justin says:

    Hi Christian,
    Thanks for well wishes and excellent questions!

    Swipe and keyboard navigation are already built-in. There will be an option to (1) disable the default back and next buttons (as well as to make the vertical, etc). I will be adding the dialog box with that option shortly.

    We will be adding a (2) Web App checkbox to the dialog with all the functionality you listed, hopefully by the time version 1.0 is released in a couple of months.

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