New Flash Extension: LIBRARY – Replace Selected by Import

This extension adds a command that will take a selected symbol and overwrite it with an imported file, thus replacing all instances of the symbol. It’s very similar to updating a symbol, except that this allows you to update the symbol with a file that has a different name.

For example, the library might contain a GIF file or a JPG, but the quality is not satisfactory and you want to replace it with a PNG. Normally, you’d have to replace the file with a file that has the same name, but if you select the image that you want replaced in the library and run this command, it will allow you to select any image file and replace the selected library item. Same scenario applies to audio files.

(Compatibility: Flash MX 2004 and up)
LIBRARY – Replace Selected by Import.mxp

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  1. Ted says:

    Isn’t this equivalent to using the import feature?

  2. Justin says:

    Somewhat, Ted. Except that import only replaces the file in the library when the file name matches exactly (and the symbol is at the root of the library). Even then, it prompts you if you want to replace the symbol.

    Running this extension starts out with the explicit intent that you want to replace the symbol and you’re not limited by the file name or the location of the symbol in the library.

    If you wanted to mimic what this extension does, you’d have to do the following:
    Move the symbol to the root of the library, rename it with the name of the file you want to import, import the file, choose “replace existing”, move the symbol back to its original folder, then go into the symbol properties and set them to match your original symbol.

    For me, it’s a time-saver, but this may not be a part of everyone’s workflow.

  3. Ted says:

    It does the job great, however the difference from selecting an imported item and then choose “properties-Import…” is that your extension renames the file after the operation. For me that one difference is well enough to really appreciate your extension. Thanks a lot!

  4. Justin says:

    Glad to hear it. Thanks, Ted.

  5. Philippe says:

    1/ I import a .jpg file in a movie clip
    2/ I select the .jpg file in the library and I swap this file by another .jpg, .png…
    3/ The swap is ok in my library
    4/ but the swap in my movie clip doesn’t work : the frame becomes empty.
    in Flash CS4.
    Is it awrong process ?

  6. Justin says:

    This might be a CS4 issue. Are you editing the symbol when this occurs?

  7. edgardz says:

    I am having the same problem with CS4

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