New Flash Extension: Break text into lines

I was copying a big block of text from a Word doc and needed to animate each list item with the text and I got the idea for this one.

This will take selected textfields and break them into separate textfields based on line breaks (returns).

Free download

Break text into lines.mxp
(backward compatible to Flash MX 2004)

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  1. jessej says:

    excellent – saves work!!

    Doesn’t retain linespacing though.. would it be possible to get a customisable .jsfl instead of mxp?


    1. Justin says:

      Once you’ve installed the mxp, you can find the jsfl within the Commands sub-directory of your Flash config directory.

      You can locate your config directory by running the following jsfl:

      The trick with the line spacing is that you can have different spacing on each line, but you can write simpler implementations if you’re not worried about that level of fidelity.

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