A Skip Link lets disabled users easily skip over purely visual content and jump ahead to substantial content (e.g., skip over a cover page to the main story).

To create a Skip Link with InDesign & in5:

  1. Create a Button or Hyperlink from the element that you would like to use as a Skip Link.
  2. Point that link to the page with the main content.
  3. Use the Accessibility panel* to designate a text frame on your target page as a <main> element using the Custom Tag drop-down (optional).
  4. In the Accessibility panel, select Treat as Skip Link.
  5. In the Accessibility panel, choose Show ONLY to Screen Reader under the Screen Reader Visibility (optional).

*  The Accessibility panel is only available to Elite and Enterprise plans.

Treating the element as a Skip Link means that in5 will move it off the page and into the top of the reading order in the output, ensuring that a screen reader sees it immediately.

You can see in the video below why I suggest that you create the Hyperlink or Button first.

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