3D Interactive Flip Card from InDesign to HTML (in5 v3.1 New Feature)

The introduction of Interactive Widgets now let you create even more interactivity with InDesign and in5.

These widgets make it easy for you to build sophisticated interactivity and animation with a few mouse clicks.

The the 3D Flip Card lets your readers switch Object States in 3D space.

Check out the video below to see the whole process and the beautiful results in just over a minute.

The 3D Flip Card widget is available to those with Pro plans (or higher).

It’s just one of the ways that in5 puts more publishing power in your hands without having to code.

To learn more about using 3D Flip Cards, check out the Creating Your First Interactive Document with InDesign & in5 video course.

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  1. Hi Justin
    I have been trying out the 3D page flip with the new release.
    Everything working great but if I add a button within the Object state, the roll over works correctly but when clicked, the card flips back and does not do the goto URL action on the button.
    Any ideas?

  2. Jamie LeBlanc says:

    I tried using the 3D flip card feature in my version (purchased a few months ago) and instead of flipping from my first object (a photo) to the second object (a text box), it just flips the photo horizontally and reverses the view. The text box never shows up. Any tips? Here are my steps:
    Create frame, place photo
    Create text frame, add text
    Select both together, create multi-state object
    select multi-state object and apply 3d flipcard widget (chose ‘horizontally’ from menu)
    Export file as in5 html.

    1. Justin says:

      Send us your file to test and let us know which browser(s) you’re using and we’ll be happy to investigate:

      1. Gavin says:

        Hi Justin. I’m having this issue to… my photo flips to text box for a split second, but then straight back to a reversed original photo?! Was there a fix for this I can implement? Many thanks.

  3. Nellie says:

    Was there a fix for the URL link within a flip card? I could use that information as well:)

    1. Justin says:

      Nellie, have you tried using the latest version?

      If it’s not fixed already, you can send us an InDesign file to test:

  4. Divya Malhotra says:

    3D flip card is an amazing feature. It works perfectly on my desktop. However, while doing iphone testing I found that 3D card is not rotating.

  5. Eric Schwartz says:

    Love the card flip feature. Would love to see an added option to make the pages randomized upon launch. In other words, if we have 30 pages in InDesign, each time the card flip is loaded into a browser the pages would be shuffled so the order is not the same each time. We are using this as an online study flashcard deck.

    I sent an email last week asking if this could be done now, but the response said that a JavaScript developer would be required on our end (which we don’t have). Would be great if this could be added as a feature.


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