in5 2.5 Improves InDesign to HTML Export Speed by up to 100x!

breaking the sound barrier

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Faster Exporting

Yes, you read that headline right. Up to 100x faster exporting from InDesign to HTML! There’s nothing extra for you to do, just run the latest version of in5 and you’ll find it’s much faster.

Paragraph Shading

The Paragraph Shading Feature was added in InDesign CC 2015. It’s a create way to add colored backgrounds to text and in5 now supports it.

paragraph shading

Custom Sharing URL

in5 automatically uses the current location of your digital content to pre-fill social sharing windows. However, this doesn’t work so well when your content is packaged as a native app (using Baker Framework or PhoneGap Build), or hosted offline in some other way. So in5 v2.5 now let’s you enter a custom URL.

custom url field

This URL will appear automatically when a viewer clicks one of your share buttons.

social sharing with custom url

Hyperlink to Specific Locations on a Page

Previous versions of in5 let you link to specific locations inside of a Baker Framework page. The latest version adds support for this type of linking in all page formats.

indesign bookmark


Try the latest release and let us know what you think.

Other fixes in v2.5

  • Reduced file size of web images that are preinstalled with in5.
  • Shorten decimal length of positions for cleaner markup.
  • Added alt attribute for loading icon.
  • Fixed misc positioning and scaling issue for text rendered as images.
  • Fixed text scrolling on touch devices when swipe is enabled on the vertical slider format.
  • Fixed bug with Baker and iOS missing audio player progress bar.
  • Fixed sequenced custom Appear animations for Safari.
  • Fixed first run error on Windows related to unsaved document with no path.
  • Fixed issues with Video play events on Buttons.
  • Fixed error due to missing book TOC links.
  • Fixed error caused by Image Sequences linked to missing folder.

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