The Most Useful in5 Feature that You’re Not Using Yet – Scaling a Single Design to Multiple Devices – The Viewport Zoom Setting Explained

The Viewport Zoom Setting can be used to control how your design scales automatically on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). This video below provides a tour of versatile Viewport Zoom options and shows the results displayed on the screens of multiple devices.

Update: in5 now has sophisticated proportional scaling for all devices.
Learn more about scaling with in5

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  1. Laurental says:

    Do you have any software or downloads that you would recommend for testing a page on android or blackberry? I found some online ones but it seems like they only scale the view and they don’t actually respond like the actual device. Thank you!

  2. Justin says:

    Hi Laurental,

    Try the official simulators:

    I’ve haven’t tried the Blackberry Simulator yet. The Android Simulator is not quite as handy or intuitive as the iOS Simulator, but is still useful.

  3. doodle jump says:

    Do you have any software or downloads you’d recommend for testing a page on Android or Blackberry?

    1. Justin says:

      Yes, I recommend BrowserStack.

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